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Should I buy an overhead two post lift or a floor plate two post lift?

It is ideal to have the overhead two post lift so that you have no obstruction on the floor. However, our shortest overhead two post lift is 12 feet tall and many people do not have a ceiling of this height. If you do not have at least 12 feet tall ceilings then your other option is the floor plate model. The floor plate model is only 9 feet tall and will fit under most ceilings. It has a plate on the floor to cover the cables and hydraulic hose.

How high does my ceiling need to be?

If you are purchasing a storage lift, then you simply measure the height of the two vehicles you are parking above and below and add 6 inches extra for comfort. If you are purchasing a two post lift then you need to measure your ceiling and make sure that the overall height of the lift is less than your ceiling height. All of our lifts have the overall height listed on the product specific pages.