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Buying a Car Lift

Have you been looking for the right car lift? At workhorselifts.com we recommend that you get the best product for your needs. We work with you to provide a customized solution that
will benefit you or your small business for the long-term.

At Work Horse Lifts, we know that independent auto repair shops, franchise stores and auto dealers drives the automotive service industry. In order for your auto repair shop to provide the best service, you need to have the most-effective tools and equipment to handle today’s automobiles. That’s where we come in!.

We will help you to create a cost-effective automotive equipment lease-to-own program for your company.  Leasing to own will give your company financial flexibility and the opportunity to own your own equipment in only a few years or even months depending on your income and budget.

Learn more about financing your next car lift and/or other auto shop equipment.


Car Lifts at WorkHorseLifts.com

Auto lifts make every project easier—no more jacks and jackstands, bending over, or squeezing under a car for service. So why doesn’t everyone have one? What used to be expensive, impossible to fit in most garages, hard to install, and dangerous to work with is now within reach of the advanced do-it-yourselfer or small business owner.

Workhorselifts.com Specialize In Sales & Repairs of Automotive Shop Equipment & body shop Equipment , Car Lifts ,Tire Changers , Wheel Balancers , Wheel Alignment Equipment and much more !!!  Need financing? We have the solution.
“We are your one Stop Shop for Auto Shop Equipment & Repairs.”

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