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WH-1000 Motorcycle Lift with Wheel Vise

Should I buy a 2 Post Lift or a 4 Post Lift?

This depends on how you are using the auto lift or car lift.

If you simply want to store a vehicle in the air and possibly park another vehicle underneath, then a four post lift is the right lift for you. The four post lift has two steel tracks running the length of the vehicle and lifts the vehicle by the wheels. With the four post lift you can park two vehicles in one space, change oil, do some exhaust work, and with the help of your jack tray you can gain access to your tires and brakes. You can also purchase our hydraulic jack which will lift one end of the vehicle while on the lift. With the help of our caster kit, the four post lift is also portable, allowing you to move the lift around your garage or even outside to wash your vehicle. When loading a four post lift you simply drive on and off the tracks instead of having to enter and exit the vehicle multiple times to ensure the correct weight distribution at the lifting points. A four post lift ensures that you will have easy access to open and close the doors of the vehicle.

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If you are planning on doing repairs, then a two post lift is the right lift for you. The two post lift engages and lifts the vehicle at four points on the frame of the vehicle. This gives you access to virtually any point on the underside of the vehicle including the wheels. A two post lift is not desirable to use for storage of a vehicle for extended periods of time. You don’t have a way to protect the vehicle underneath from any fluids that may drip from the top vehicle. On a two post lift, the vehicle is lifted by the frame. When in the air, the tires will hang lower than normal minimizing the clearance you have underneath to park another vehicle. A two post lift must be mounted to the floor and is not portable.

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Tire Changers

Professional tire changers have really alleviated the hassles of tire changing with their sophisticated angle and control mechanisms. With the advancement in the tire technology, wheels have become specialized objects which are heavy in size and difficult to change. Professional tire machines like  Tire Changers and Wheel Balancer machines have assumed a substantial amount of importance.

Specialized tire changing machines have made wheel alignment, wheel balancing and wheel changing a much easier task. Due to professional tire changing machines, you no longer require a jack to change flat tires.

There are many kinds of tire changer machines that are available today, from the simple wheel balancers, wheel changers with back lit display, tire changers with assist arms and pneumatic arms. Imported machines are now available in this regard that can help you with your flat tires at any place and you can repair your car in any kind of emergency also.

Professional 28 inch tire changers with automatic one touch arms can very easily simplify the mounting and demounting of tires and easily expedite the removal of tires. This kind of machine includes a centrally controlled bead breaker system, which can help with the removal of tires from both the upper and lower sides.

During this process, the rotation speed of the tire is automatically controlled. You can also make use of the advanced fully automatic 24 inch with quick release tooling which comes equipped with a full set of mounting heads also allowing you to alleviate the friction caused during the changing of tires with their automatic angle adjustment mechanisms.

With the tire changer, you can easily change the flat tire of any size and rim with the least of efforts and with the least damage caused to the tires and rims. Fully automatic tire changers with pneumatic assist arms can easily facilitate tire changing for you with with one touch functions.

You can achieve a very hassle-free mounting and dismounting of tires even with low quality tires. Our tire changers are equipped with an advanced mounting head which provides total protection of the rims and wheels from friction during mounting and dismounting. It can easily make adjustments for the rotation and angular movements which our caused when using the tire changer.